Special Awards and Honors in 6 Professions

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Kip Glasscock, P.C.

KIP GLASSCOCK is a long-time attorney and mediator, with over 45 years legal experience and over 25 years mediation/ADR experience. He was a popular adjunct teacher of business law and mediation at Lamar University. Kip's articles and speeches are informative, entertaining and motivational.


  • Credentialed Distinguished Mediator 2004-2012

          Texas Mediator Credentialing Association

  • ​Court appointed mediator, arbitrator, and Court Master in numerous complex and multi-party cases


  • Professionalism Award

         Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Jefferson County Bar Association. 
         The award recognizes a lawyer that exemplifies, by conduct and character,
         truly professional traits, who others in the Bar admire and seek to emulate. ​


  • Mr. Glasscock’s video “Good Morning, Great Day” archived with “The Greatest Speakers of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century” at the University of Wyoming’s American Heritage Center, one of the five largest film memorabilia libraries in the world
  • Founding Charter Member of National Speakers Association
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation by National Speakers Association, one of first 50 recipients


  • Best Series of Articles-Feature/General Interest, Division III for Texas judges series by Texas State Bar in Jefferson County Bar Journal


  • Outstanding Faculty Award

          Dept. of Accounting & Business Law, Lamar University

  • Inducted into Beta Xi chapter (Lamar University) Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars 
  • ​​Kip Glasscock Scholarship in Business at Lamar University by clients and established in honor of Kip Glasscock


  • Special Oscar of Salesmanship Award by American Salesmasters Worldwide Training Organization